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Hello Friends-

Hope this past week was not too taxing for you. I survived this past week with no incident and am so excited and energized about what God is doing in Milwaukee! The time following our Symposium is typically a spiritual time for me. God is very present right now and is definitely directing my decision making. Spiritual wisdom that God generously gives!

The one thing that stood out for me last week was the concept of being anointed in the work we are called to do. It comes from the Reflection in day 32 on the exodus and deliverance of the Israelites. God worked through Moses. John Henry Jowett comments, “In every generation there is some new exodus from servitude, (coming out of darkness into light) led by men (and women!) inspired by the Holy Spirit of God (anointed) … the instrument of God’s right hand.”  He talks about being freed from physical servitude, the darkness of ignorance or bruised and broken hearts.

What are you anointed to do as God works through you? There is great peace and excitement knowing that I am anointed to do His work. This is a great reminder and I should tap into it more often!

This week we continue to work our way through Exodus and Matthew.

  • Monday:  Day 35–  Exodus 21:1– 22:31; Matthew 23:1–39 ; Psalm 18:25-36
  • Tuesday:  Day 36 – Exodus 23:1– 24:18; Matthew 24:1–31 ; Proverbs 4:1-9
  • Wednesday:  Day 37 – Exodus 25:1– 26:37; Matthew 24:32 – 25:13; Psalm 18:37-42
  • Thursday:  Day 38 – Exodus 27:1– 28:43; Matthew 25:14 – 46; Psalm 18:43-50
  • Friday:  Day 39 – Exodus 29:1– 30:38; Matthew 26:1 –30; Psalm 19:1-6
  • Saturday:  Day 40 – Exodus 29:1– 30:38; Matthew 26:1 –30; Proverbs 4:10-19
  • Sunday:  Day 41 – Exodus 33:7– 34:35; Matthew 26:47 –68; Psalm 19:7-14

May God Bless You and Keep You,

Linda Maris, JD