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Weeks 9 and 10-
Welcome to our new website – thank you Anita Clinton! You can comment below. I will still send my Sunday night email with the link to the blog for the week.

Week 9 – Days 56 to 62 (Leviticus 21 – Numbers 4, Mark 8 – 12, Proverbs 6:1-19,
Psalms 26- 29.)
Week 10 – Days 63 to 69 (Numbers 5 – 16, Mark 12 – 15, Proverbs 6:20-35, Psalms 30-31.)

We continue to journey with the Israelites into the Promised Land and further explore the OT laws and punishment for violating the law. Some are baffling (Numbers 5:1-4 exiling individuals for something that was not their fault and 11-22 inducing a miscarriage).
I include links below that discuss if any OT law applies to us (including the 10 Commandments). Some distinguish between ceremonial law and moral law. That feels like picking and choosing which laws you like and don’t like. OT law was strictly for the Israelites (ex. Lev 26:46) and we are under the covenant of grace. And there certainly is a lot of law in the NT as well (particularly from Paul). It is easy to slip into legalism (because then we are in control) which Jesus was not so fond of. Rick Warren states in his Reflection for Day 63, “Since pleasing God is the first purpose of your life, your most important task is to discover how to do that.” Does this hit you as legalistic?

Andrew Farley – The Naked Gospel (Rec by Melva who is in Israel right now!)

The Gospel Project

Jesus and The Ten Commandments