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“Consecrate yourselves in preparation for tomorrow.” Joshua 5:13
Consecrate- dedicate to a divine purpose, make holy, do away with idols
In preparation for the battle in Jericho, the Lord told his people to prepare themselves spiritually. Spiritual preparation was more important than physical preparation. A wise friend once said, “Don’t go anywhere physically if you are not prepared spiritually.” And as Rick Warren says in the Reflection for Day 101, “Victory comes through surrender. Surrendered people are the ones God uses.”

This week we continue in Luke, finish Joshua and start Judges. The Book of Judges focuses on the characteristics of the various leaders (the Judges)– and mostly the flaws that lead to their demise. Keep a lookout for leadership nuggets.
Some of you are struggling with understanding the big picture of these books. I encourage you to watch the Bible Project videos!

We will read –
Days 105 to 111 (Joshua 13 – Judges 2, Luke 16 – 21, Proverbs 10, Psalms 45- 49)

Please Comment on how these readings are impacting your leadership. May your time in the word be a blessing!