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“Whoever believes in me…streams of living water will flow from within.” Jesus
“By this he meant the Spirit.” John 7:38-39
Living Water is pure, clean, fresh, healthy and safe. As water is essential to physical life, the Holy Spirit is essential to the heart and soul and spirit. Be refreshed this week!

We begin 2 Samuel this week. This is the story of King David – the good, the bad, and the hope for a future King and Savior.
The Bible Project link –

Are you growing weary in your OT readings from what seems like endless battle and war? I continue to ask for clarity on “Why Does God Kill Innocent People in the Old Testament?”
Below is a short video link from Allen G. Parr Jr. You may not agree with everything in the video but it is a good starting point if you are struggling with this. Let us know what you are thinking.

This week read –
Days 133 to 139 (1 Samuel 17- 2 Samuel 1, John 7-11, Proverbs 12, Psalms 60- 64)