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“You gave abundant showers O God…you refreshed your weary…you provided for the poor.” Psalm 68:9 -10

It has been a rainy spring. A really rainy spring! Farmers have not been able to plant. Some are returning seed because they are uncertain about the growing season. Psalm 68 reminds us that God has an abundance that he uses to provide. Charles Haddon Spurgeon reminds us that where showers fall most, there the grass is the greenest.

Have you had a rainy season in your soul? Are you prepared for the season of refreshment and provision?

We celebrate that this week we finish both 2 Samuel and John! What is the one thing you learned?   Continue to check the website as I am posting Lessons learned from 2 Samuel.

“David was a good king, who loved the Lord and loved his people. He was patient, humble, and courageous. God blessed David with military victories and successes. God made a covenant with David that he would establish his house, kingdom and throne forever.   It is through the line of David that the Messiah would come!

But David also had many failures. He was far from perfect.  David’s failings show us that we are all capable of falling into many sins. Even when we have a heart hot for Jesus, we are susceptible to temptation. We must be on guard and never think we are above falling.”

This week we will read –

Days 147 to 153 (2 Samuel 14 – 24, John 16-25, Proverbs 13-14:4, Psalms 68- 69)