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“A spiritual pathway is the way a person most naturally connects to God and grows spiritually.”

I introduce this concent because you can strengthen your walk with God by identifying your unique pathway. Bill Hybels comments, “Sacred pathways are like doors that open into a room where we can feel particularly close to God.” Reflection Day 145 How wonderful it is to recognize this shortcut of sorts!

We celebrate that this week that we are moving to 1 Kings (Israel divided into 2 Kingdoms) and Acts (presence of Holy Spirit).

1 Kings – author unknown but one familiar with Deuteronomy and written prior to exile in Babylon in 538 BC

Acts- written by Luke 63 AD or later

The Bible Project links are –

This week we will read –

Days 154 to 160 (1 King 1 – 9, Acts 1 – 5, Proverbs 14, Psalms 69- 71)