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This week we reach the halfway point in reading the entire Bible in a year! Celebrate what you have accomplished even if it has not been 100%. Are you behind? Do you feel like giving up? This week is my reset point. I have time to do some catching up and to reset my morning routine. I send encouragement to you. Do not look behind to what you did not read only ahead to what God has planned for you for this second half!

This week we continue in Acts and move to 1 Chronicles.

2 Kings ends in a dire situation. Much of Chronicles is a review starting with Adam but the Book reshapes history with a view of hope. It is the last book of the Hebrew Bible. Author unknown.

The Bible Project videos provide an overview and terrific insight to the Books we are reading. The link for 1 and 2 Chronicles is

This week we read –
Days 182 to 188 (1 Chronicles 1-12, Acts 20-26, Proverbs 16, Psalms 78-81)